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Here you will find DJ mixes from various artists on the label. These are all bangin and free to download! Please spread the love around and give them out to all your friends. Find tracklistings at the artist's myspace page!!

Ale Fillman :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Delicate Beatz (2010) :: An unstoppable continuous mix filled with chopping and screwing edits and fierce scratching. Mashups/Hip-Hop/Dubstep/IDM with fun sample work the whole way through. A must have for your Ale Fillman Mix Collection!!! Features originals by him and Downlink and of course many other artists.

Last Night My Turntables Killed A Soundbwoy (2009) :: Full of Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Fidget, Glitch-Hop and Bassline. Scratching and fun mixes the whole way through!! The name says it all!

Deadly Dub Mix (2008) :: Features a few originals and a lot of Gangsta Dubstep tracks for your minds w/ glitching and scratching but don't be fooled there are some ragga bangers too!!!! Download this bitch NOW!!!

Bang Your Dread (2007) :: Killer DnB and Hip-Hop w/ a hint of Glitch and more scratchin than a DJ dipped in poison ivy!

Who Loves Bass?! (2007) :: Slammin mix with a mix of all genres, well genres I like anyways. Dubstep/Glitch/Garage/DnB/Breakcore. Featuring tracks from Drop The Lime, Party Crashers Unite, Matty G, Ale Fiilman, Bong Ra and lots more........

Skill Tested Dance Floor Approved (2003) :: Insane Breaks w/ lots of turntablism action. One for ass shakerz!!!!!! Download this mutha right now and show foolz what time it is!!

Drum n CannaBass (2002) :: Oh shit!! This sucka is filled w/ DnB and Hip-Hop and loads of sampling. This was done w/ a DJ by the name of..........N:Coder! BOH!!!!!!!!!!


Aporia :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

May Promo Mix (2009) :: Track after track of brutal basslines and proper mixing of Dubstep. The newest Mix from DJ Aporia! GET IT!!

Rastadubcore (2008) :: A must have for any Dubstep lover. Smashing Reggae Dubstep tracks w/ pristine mixing!!

Dubitup (2007) :: This massive Dubstep mix is off the chain. Aporia does it right on the mix while Ale Fillman cuts it up on the decks over top! A must have.

Ale Fillman vs. Aporia :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Make Dub Not War V2 (2008) :: Nice journey through the sounds of Dubstep!

Make Dub, Not War (2007) :: Dubstep/Grime mix w/ some nasty cutz for your brain!

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